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Service und Qualität
Ensuring a top delivery service and the provision of the highest quality are very important to us, no matter how small the quantity involved. As we know that market prices can sometimes fluctuate significantly, we provide a special quotation offering service that is updated on a daily basis. Should you have any questions or comments, we will be happy help you in person.
Following the motto:

„He who does not want more than he can achieve remains below his abilities“
Herbert Marcuse – American sociologist

we place an emphasis on striving for continually evolving, innovative ideas and developments!

Quality Management

We are certified

Regular and voluntary
Monitoring according
to ISO 9001:2015

Efficient and Reliable

Thanks to our optimal range of stock and high quality standards, we generally guarantee delivery within two to three working days. If a delivery is required quicker than this, we of course offer an express delivery service which ensures delivery within 24 hours.

It is also possible to have the desired good delivered in rolls, coils and piece by piece. What’s more, we offer a neutral delivery service on site and in your name.


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Swelling Tape

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Do you already know our new brochure series? Here you’ll find everything about waterproofing, installation instructions, prices and much more!

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Conversion Table

Joint-Sealing Sheets

Bright/black & galvanised

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
0,6×100 mm0,471 kg2,123 m
0,6×125 mm0,589 kg1,698 m
0,6×150 mm0,707 kg1,415 m
0,6×200 mm0,942 kg1,062 m
1,0×200 mm1,570 kg0,637 m
1,0×250 mm1,963 kg0,509 m
1,5×250 mm2,944 kg0,340 m
1,5×300 mm3,533 kg0,281 m
2,0×250 mm3,925 kg0,255 m
2,0×300 mm4,710 kg0,212 m

SEBflex® coated waterstops

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
8FKB161,100 kg0,909 m
8FRKB161,100 kg0,909 m

Iron Wire

Bright & galvanised

Dimensions1 Metre=g1 kg=Metre
1,0 mm6,17 g162,22 m
1,2 mm8,88 g112,64 m
1,4 mm12,08 g82,75 m
1,6 mm15,78 g63,36 m
2,0 mm24,66 g40,55 m
3,1 mm59,25 g16,88 m
4,0 mm98,65 g10,14 m
5,0 mm154,14 g6,49 m
6,0 mm221,95 g4,51 m

Round Wire

Hot-dip galvanised & stainless steel

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
Ø 8 mm0,395 kg2,532 m
Ø 10 mm0,617 kg1,620 m


Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
Ø 8 mm0,135 kg7,400 m
Ø 10 mm0,212 kg4,720 m


Copper1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
Ø 8 mm0,447 kg2,237 m

Hot-dipgalvanised steel with PVC coating

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
Ø 8 / 11 mm0,435 kg2,300 m
Ø 10 / 13 mm0,671 kg1,490 m
Aluminium with PVC coating

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
Ø 8 / 11 mm0,175 kg5,700 m

Strip Steel

Hot-dip galvanised & stainless steel

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
30×3,0 mm0,707 kg1,414 m
30×3,5 mm0,825 kg1,210 m
30×4,0 mm0,942 kg1,062 m
40×4,0 mm1,256 kg0,796 m
40×5,0 mm1,570 kg0,637 m


Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
20×2,5 mm0,445 kg2,247 m
30×3,0 mm0,801 kg1,248 m
40×4,0 mm1,424 kg0,702 m

Roof Strapping

Hot-dip galvanised

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
40×2,0 mm0,590 kg1,695 m
60×2,0 mm0,900 kg1,111 m


Bright and tin-plated copper cable

Dimensions1 Metre=kg1 kg=Metre
50 mm²0,437 kg2,288 m
70 mm²0,596 kg1,678 m
95 mm²0,845 kg1,183 m
120 mm²1,060 kg0,943 m

Conversion System For Steel & Copper Cables

DimensionsCable StructureDiameter
50 mm²19×1,8 mmca. 9,0 mm
70 mm²19×2,1 mmca. 10,5 mm
95 mm²19×2,5 mmca. 12,5 mm
120 mm²19×2,8 mmca. 14,0 mm