Packaging Straps

Packaging straps are used for the secure storage and transportation of packages. Schuhmacher GmbH offers packaging straps in several different materials to suit various types of package content. Our product range includes steel, plastic and textile strapping along with all of the related accessories.

Advantages of different types of packaging strips

Advantages Steel

  • Disposal
  • Break load at the edges:
    steel strapping should be used for packages which are very heavy or which have sharp edges.
  • Seal formation:
    polyester strapping can be applied using either an awkward sealing device or an expensive seal welding device.
  • Excellent abrasion-resistance
  • Sealing technique:
    secure sealing technology in dirty or oily environments.

Advantages PET

  • Elastic recovery:
    polyester strapping effectively compensates for decreases in tension due to its elastic recovery properties.
  • Shock resistance:
    because of its high elasticity, polyester strapping absorbs the impact of shock which goods are frequently subject to when in transit.
  • Risk of injury:
    the risk of injury is substantially lower.
  • Weather resistance:
    even after a long period of exposure to moisture or to intense sunlight, the strapping remains fully secure. Rust residue is now a thing of the past.
  • Handling:
    changing the rolls is substantially easier with polyester strapping because of its light weight in comparison steel strapping.

Advantages Textile

  • Risk of injury:
    decreased risk of injury
  • Seal formation:
    the use of sealing clips means that the tension of the textile strapping can be adjusted.
  • Handling:
    changing the rolls is substantially easier with textile strapping because it is substantially lighter.
  • Combines the advantages of plastic and steel strapping into one

Packaging Straps Steel

Bright strapping

Cold-rolled steel package strapping with oiled surface for manual hand-held devices.
Bright steel is a cost-effective option for general use on packaging.
Ribbon coil (E), Stretching capacity A5: 3-5%

Machine Strapping

High-quality special strapping for manual hand-held devices and pneumatic tools for semi and fully-automated strapping machines. Narrow tolerance range and rounded edges.
Machine strapping corresponds with the standard terms “Quality Strapping” “Apex”, “Dynaflex” and “Uniflex” and is available in both black and zinc dust primer as well as in blue
Ribbon coil (E), Stretching capacity A5: 6 – 8%

High-Performance Strapping

High-performance strapping corresponds with the standard terms “Megaband” “Megadyne “Superflex” and is available in both black and zinc dust primer as well as in blue. For strapping devices and machines. Stretching capacity A5: 12%, Strength N/mm²: 1,000

Strapping Devices

Strapping Accessories

Steel Seals

Available in different versions: Overlapping seals for steel strapping – bright, coated or galvanised steel – VC-shape seals for steel strapping – bright steel, Magazine seals for steel strapping – red coated.

Packaging Straps Plastic

PET Packaging Straps (Green) Plastic

High-quality special strapping for manual hand-held devices and for semi and fully-automated strapping machines, with narrow tolerance range. When it comes to securing goods for transit, PET strapping is by far the best solution for heavy packages or packages which decline in size.

PP Packaging Straps (Black) Plastic

PP strapping (polypropylene) is ideal for strapping up light packages (e.g. individual packages) and is a cheaper alternative to shrink wrapping.

Strapping Devices For PET (Green) &
PP (Black) Packaging Straps

Manual Strapping Devices & Accessories For PET (Green) & Plastic PP (Black) Packaging Straps

Polyester, Textile & Woven Strapping

Glued Polyester High-Strength Strapping

Polyester high-strength strapping made from high-quality glued polyester threads. It has a high level of tensile strength and is easy to use.

Plastic-Coated Polyester Composite Strapping

The polyester threads on this composite strapping are coated with a layer of plastic. This provides more effective protection from sharp edges. The plastic layer also allows for optimal protections
against all types of weather.

Woven polyester strapping

The polyester threads on these straps are not glued, but woven instead. The tensile strength is equivalent to that of the glued textile strapping, but the material is stronger. This minimises the risk of the strap snapping when applied to sharp-edged packages, such as sawn timber.

Strapping Devices & Accessories