About us

Since 1976 Schumacher GmbH has been an owner-run and independent family business.
Our core business involves national and international trade with steel, earthing and lightning protection materials. We also offer practical accessories for all building sealing purposes.


SEB Contacts

Ralph Langlotz
Ralph Langlotz
Sales Manager AT

Phone: +49 7256-9253-240
E-Mail: r.langlotz@schuhmacher-seb.de

Steven Krebs
Steven Krebs
Sales Management North

Phone: +49 7256-9253-246
E-Mail: s.krebs@schuhmacher-seb.de

Ivana Tolj
Ivana Tolj
Sales Management South

Phone: +49 7256-9253-242
E-Mail: i.tolj@schuhmacher-seb.de

Kelvin Terry
Kelvin Terry

Phone: +49 7256-9253-245
E-Mail: k.terry@schuhmacher-seb.de

Jens Urich
Jens Urich

Phone: +49 7256-9253-244
E-Mail: j.urich@schuhmacher-seb.de

Rainer Rohloff
Rainer Rohloff

Phone: +49 7256-9253-250
E-Mail: R.Rohloff@schuhmacher-seb.de

Lars Kosubek
Lars Kosubek

Phone: +49 7256-9253-273
E-Mail: L.Kosubek@schuhmacher-seb.de

Claudia Moos
Claudia Moos
Purchasing & Distribution

Phone: +49 7256-9253-190
E-Mail: c.moos@schuhmacher-seb.de

Heike Baron
Heike Baron
Purchasing & Distribution

Phone: +49 7256-9253-160
E-Mail: h.baron@schuhmacher-seb.de

Sven Studt
Sven Studt
Purchasing & Distribution

Phone: +49 7256-9253-188
E-Mail: s.studt@schuhmacher-seb.de

Orchard and Vineyard Contacts

Max Kinne
Max Kinne

Phone: +49 7256-9253-302
E-Mail: m.kinne@schuhmacher-seb.de

Valeria Turiello
Valeria Turiello

Phone: +49 7256-9253-248
E-Mail: V.Turiello@schuhmacher-seb.de

Axel Humpert

Phone: +49 7256-9253-301
E-Mail: a.humpert@schuhmacher-seb.de

Business Hours

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
07.30 – 12.00 AM
13.00 – 17.00 PM

Appointments and the collection of goods outside
of our business hours are only possible following prior arrangement.

Warehouse Opening Hours

Our warenhouse opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday
07.30 – 12.00 AM 07.30 – 12.00 AM
13.00 – 17.00 PM

Appointments and the collection of goods outside
of our business hours are only possible following prior arrangement.


Schuhmacher GmbH
Stahlhandel, Erdungs- und Blitzschutz
Bruchstücker 3
76661 Philippsburg
Telefon:   +49 7256-9253-200
Fax:   +49 7256-9253-299
E-Mail: info@schuhmacher-seb.de

Career at SEB

Schuhmacher GmbH offers fantastic employment prospects: employees can expect a permanent position in a work
environment in which fairness, openness and recognition of achievement are paramount.
This provides the ideal basis for a successful working relationship..

Please see our list of current job openings.

We are always interested in speculative applications, too:
Please send your supporting documents and your application (preferably by email)
including your earliest possible start date and your salary requirements to:

Sandra Schuhmacher

ISO Certification

ISO 9001

dekraQuality Management

We are certified

regular voluntary
monitoring in accordance with ISO 9001

The primary objective of Schuhmacher GmbH is to gain and to foster the trust and satisfaction of the company’s customers. Putting the company on a secure long-term footing is our most important task. In order to achieve this objective, we must ensure that this policy is understood, implemented, obeyed and upheld at all levels within the company. This why Schuhmacher GmbH and its employees have agreed to adhere to the principles and standards of the the QM system as laid down in the company’s handbook.

Only by complying with the level of quality outlined in the contracts can Schuchmacher GmbH continue to exist as a company in the future. We have outlined the sequence of our business processes aimed at achieving our quality objectives in the four following key processes:

  1. Management responsibility processes
  2. Resource management processes
  3. Provision of service processes
  4. Measurement, analysis, evaluation and optimisation

These processes are outlined in our QM Handbook.

The success of our company depends on:

  • the satisfaction of our customers,
  • the fulfilment of society’s expectations and respect for the environment,
  • the satisfaction and commitment of our employees
  • and the guarantee of workplace safety for our employees.


Our objectives:

  • Responsible behaviour towards our clients and our employees
  • Environmentally compatible approach to business
  • Continuous improvement

Our commitment:

  • Quality is forged by our personal actions

Our principle:

  • The customer is at the centre of everything we do.

Our company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 since 18.10.2006.

ISO certification; German

ISO certification; English

For further information regarding ISO certification, please feel free to contact us:

Mail to: Christopher Schmitt or Phone +49 (0) 7256 9253-170

Our Business Cooperations

Since couple of years now we are official Partner of Meiser GmbH

We are the unique point of SALE national and international for:

  • galvanized steel strips

 Your contact for galvanized steel strips:

SEB Sales Team:
Phone: +49 7256-9253-200
Fax: +49 7256-9253-299
Email: info@schuhmacher-seb.de
Internet: https://www.schuhmacher-seb.de