Lightning Protection and Foundation Earthing

A range of conductor materials and special accessories are used to provide protection against lightning strikes and to divert electric currents (foundation earth electrodes). Our product portfolio ranges from round wires to earthing strips and the various related connection pieces in all standard grades and dimensions.
Lightning protection systems offer protection against lightning strikes which would otherwise strike directly into the system which is being protected. They consist of interception units, a diversion unit and an earthing system.
A foundation earth electrode is part an electrical protection system which provides protection against electric shocks and consists of the connections of all conductive housings of electrical equipment with an earthed protective conductor.
Our products are manufactured in accordance with current DIN EN standards.

Einbau Artikel Erdungsanalage

No. Article-No. Product
1 1026verz Reinforcement clamp, galvanized
2 2E3035 Galvanized steel strips
3 8M08-10 SEBflex® Sealing collars Ø 10 mm
4 1012a Cross connectors, galvanized Fl/Rd
5 1019 Diagonal clamp, galvanized
6 311050V4 Round wire V4A / Ø 10 mm
7 1018 Anti-corrosion band
7.1 1012V4/1018 Connector + Anti-corrosion band
8 1020TV4A1,5 Earth rod V4A
9 1024 Clamp terminal for earth rod / Ø 20 mm V4A
10 1012V4 Cross connector V4A Rd/Rd
11 1008V4 Multi-purpose connector clamps V4A
12 1B-RRS Pipe clamp
13 1033-m10 KS-connector, galvanized
14 1008 Multi-purpose connector clamps, galvanized
15 3100820 Round wire aluminium / Ø 8 mm
16 1028 Connector clamp Rd/Rd, galvanized
17 1014AA Earthing terminal, galvanized
18 1017-70/M10x45VZ Clamp terminal, galvanized + Earthing terminal
19 1B-PAS Equipotential bonding bar

Additional dimensions, grades and designs available on request
Products may differ from the images

Conductor Material

Our conductor materials are suitable for lightning protection and electrical grounding of the basement. We deliver strips and wires in different grades (galvanized, V2A/V4A, copper, aluminum, PVC-covered) and dimensions. In addition, we sell dispenser carts on wheels or stand as accessories for an easier usage of our products.








Our product range varies from cross connectors and wedge-type connectors, to diagonal clamps and reinforcement clamps. Furthermore, we offer multi-purpose connector clamps and pressure hanger clamps. Each article is available in different versions, allowing the various clamping areas versatile applications. For the over- and underground connecting parts there are spacers, anti-corrosion band as well as other clamps as accessories.


Thrust bracket clamp
Thrust bracket clamp for foundation armouring and reinforcement, for parallel connection, T- and cross-connections


Reinforcement Clamps
Connector clamps for building reinforcements, black, annealed and galvanised.
Used to connect welded steel mesh or reinforcements with circular and flat conductors for T-connectors and cross connectors.


Diagonal clamps SV
For use underground and aboveground, with a round-head bolt and M10 nuts.